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    Combination Acne Prone Skin 6 Step Morning Skincare Routine | GRWM | Teen Beauty Bible
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Hi guys, welcome back to Teen Beauty Bible It’s Kasper, and the last time we talked about moisturizing our skin in a very detailed manner. Also thank you so much for loving our tips and greeting our teen guest with a warm welcome. Well today we are here with an even more exciting episode and another special teen guest. We have so many requests from you guys to do a routine video step by step. And some of you are just getting into skin care. There are so many different skin types, but today we have created a routine that works perfectly for combination skin So any of you with combination skin, skin care along with us tonight! Even if you don’t have combination skin, this routine will work for you in different seasons or different skin conditions.


So let’s introduce our teen guest today. Say hi! Hello everyone, thanks for watching. My name is Iris, and I’m a sixteen year old singer-songwriter, currently based in Korea. I was born in Canada and I was raised there So I am fluent in English, and I’m so happy to be a part of Teen Beauty Bible today. Um, I am combination skin and you know It’s very hard all the combination skins out there, you guys will know. It’s very hard to take care of. I don’t usually have breakouts all the time I’m not like that acne type skin, but because I’m a singer and I put on a lot of makeup I sometimes time-to-time get a little zits and like pimples. So it’s very hard to take care of them, too Um, so I have different routines for morning and night. But in the morning I think it’s important to keep my skin as dry and moisturized at the same time because you know I get oily in some parts and I get really dry in some parts.


Well, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day But because I get dry and oily, I want to find a way to keep my skin locked and moisturized Without using thick layers of moisturizers so my face won’t break down during the day From now on I’m going to show you guys how I prepare my skin in the morning for cleansing. I like to use cleansing foam only on my t-zone and For that it’s gonna wash away the oil on your oily parts while still grasping to the oil residue and your dry parts Great tip Iris. Good job She’s already doing such a good job in cleansing in the morning. When it comes to morning cleansing, guys, no matter what skin type you have it is very important to keep everything gentle. We don’t want to be stripping our face for moisture or making it sensitive because in the morning we want our skin to be hydrated without any dry spots. But at the same time it is important to remove the waste that has built up on our face throughout the night. But guys, never over cleanse unless you accidentally fell asleep with makeup the night before.


So then the question is How can we make cleansing gentle? There are different ways to make cleansing gentle, But the first thing you can do is start off with a gentle formula. Gel is definitely a great texture to cleanse in the morning with and if it’s low pH as well, the merrier. Rather than applying the gel directly onto your skin, foam it up in your hands and lather it up before and then work it into your skin, and like Iris mentioned, focus on the T-zone area or areas you get oilier while cleansing. A great tip for gentle cleansing is to use the tip of your fingers or your fourth finger while cleansing, like massaging almost. Rather than rubbing harshly. This will help with gentle morning cleansing guys. For toner, I like to put the toner on a cotton pad and wipe away in my skin.


This cleanses the skin second time So two times so my oils get really really really dry so You know that kind of helps with again moisturizing the drier parts While wiping away the oil so it’s gonna take care of the combination skin I like to stick with alcohol-free toners to prevent more damage on my skin. ㅁgain, good job Iris 너무 잘했어요! Toner step is what really gets your skin ready for the next step of skin care and also balances your pH level. A tip with toner is that you could actually replace it for cleansing, using a cotton pad and wiping away the dirt and dead skin cells when your skin feels sensitive.


If you soak up cotton pads and wipe away gently This will act as a similar effect as cleansing in the morning however If your skin is ok, and not sensitive you could always use toner after cleansing You would want a fresh feeling face in the morning So try to stay away from toners with thick consistency especially if you have combination skin Try using a lightweight toner that you can layer as much as you want. For toner step apply it all over your face But you could always apply extra on areas that you feel dry Rather than swiping or rubbing away with the cotton pads, use gentle wiping motions or dabbing motions.



And also for serum I do the same thing with my cleansing foam, this time the opposite though. So I put the serum on only my dry parts I usually don’t put it around my nose because that’s again where it gets very very oily So I like to go around my mouth and around my eyes like a spa treatment Again, such a good job. Iris. I give you a big thumbs up Now many of you teens might not be familiar with the serum step unless you’re a skin care guru.


When you hear the word serum, it might seem like a little too much for the skin but if you think of it as a step to add deep hydration to the skin it could get simpler If you don’t feel like adding a separate product for serum Then you could just simply add more layers of toner on your face until your face feels hydrated. But if you want to go that extra step, You could use a lightweight serum that is soothing and cooling on the skin and all you need is a very thin layer. After you apply it on your face Cover your face with the palm of your hands and let everything sink in. And for this step as well, of course try to focus on areas that gets drier throughout the day I love love love using sheet masks in the morning It’s not what people do very common because they think of sheet masks before you sleep But I love to do it in the morning because it leaves a perfect base for my makeup Iris, I’m gonna give you a pat on the back come over here now It’s not easy to use a sheet mask throughout the day But if you woke up that extra little bit early in the morning or even in the weekend morning time Try to pamper your skin with an extra-special sheet mask for your face Surprisingly this actually helps boost hydration on the skin by a lot So if you haven’t checked that out already, please go see it once you’re done with the suggested time of the sheet mask gently absorb everything in and you can even Start caring for your neck if you don’t have any sheet masks at home You could just simply replace it with cotton pads and toner if you have combination skin You could just apply some Toner on a cotton pad and apply it on areas that you feel dry and leave it as you would a sheet mask I stick with lighter creams in the morning because I don’t want my skin breaking down during the day.


Especially if I’m going to be wearing makeup, lighter creams prevent my makeup from smearing around the face. Iris!!! Good job! Especially now that the weather is getting colder and dry here You really need to focus on moisturization. Use the lightweight cream to lock all that moisture in. A tip is, rather than applying cream right after the steps before Let everything sink in and soak in and then apply the cream This will not only make application easier, but it’ll also make hydration more effective If you haven’t watched our recent video on moisturization, you could also check that out for further tips I like to find a sunscreen that isn’t very greasy because with or without makeup I want to feel like my skin isn’t slipping or sliding. And especially those sunscreens that leave a very nice space is gonna give you an extra Upgrade on your makeup because it’s gonna make your skin feel much more mochi-like.


Good job. Iris. Good job! Good job. I’m running out. I’m running out of ways to compliment her, good job!!! So it’s very nice to hear that you’re aware And you’re already using sunscreen, Iris. For morning routine as much as I understand that you just want to get into all that makeup It is really important to add that protective layer of sunscreen on your skin for healthy skin. Not just any sunscreen, but it is important to find a sunscreen that will work on your skin If you have combination skin It is important to leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. So use the light sunscreen Many of our teens ask us What is the good amount of sunscreen to apply on the face? We’ve actually mentioned this on Team Beauty Bible before But like I said two joints of your index finger would be a good start off for the morning routine Um, it was so fun and I was really excited throughout the day but I think it was worth it being here um thank you for having me today, Teen beauty Bible, and I’m so glad that I got to share my tips and tricks for you guys, and I hope all teens my age Younger or older learn a way to take care of their skin and enjoy the process so it wouldn’t feel like an assignment to do Thank you for having me today And if you enjoyed the video and enjoyed me today Please like comment and subscribe to WishtrendTV for more interesting videos Bye bye~ So thank you guys for watching another episode of Teen Beauty Bible.


It was Kasper with you guys today. And if you guys have other skin care requests then please leave them down below I will be there to suffice all your teen beauty needs and remember you’re beautiful just as you are .


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