HEALTH BENEFITS OF GARLIC | USES OF GARLIC for Skin & Hair | लेहसुन के फायदे

  • , title : 'HEALTH BENEFITS OF GARLIC | USES OF GARLIC for Skin & Hair | लेहसुन के फायदे'
    HEALTH BENEFITS OF GARLIC | USES OF GARLIC for Skin & Hair | लेहसुन के फायदे
    Here are the HEALTH BENEFITS OF GARLIC! Also, explore more uses of garlic for skin and hair problems. #BenefitsofGarlic Benefits of Garlic: 0:27 Garlic for ...


Hi guys, I am Puja. I am a health blogger and fitness enthusiast. I would like to end on of my secrets for feeling great and living a healthy lifestyle without restricting yourself. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when I say “garlic” – you will grimace and say smelly breath! But trust me it is much more than that. Garlic is called a super food by researchers around the world. My grandmother used to prescribe Garlic as a cure for virtually every kind of ailment. What makes garlic a super food is that it packs a punch despite its odor! Known by various names, most commonly ‘Lahsun’ or “lassan’ in India, its usage is universal and dates back thousands of years. Not just as a condiment or seasoning but for its various nutritional and health benefits.


Acne, pimples, spots – the bane of every woman’s life! Reminds me of days when I picked every possible anti pimple product and nothing worked. Only if someone had told me then about the magic of garlic and what wonders it does to your skin. Here’s how it is! Tired of blackheads? Do they pop up every now and then on your oily skin? If you have skin like mine which can pass off as a mini oil well, here’s your solution! Mix 1 tablespoon of oatmeal with 2-3 garlic pods.



Add a couple of drops of lemon juice and tea tree oil to the mixture. Pour some honey to make a thick paste and apply it on your skin gently. Let it dry for 2 to 3 minutes followed by a gentle massage. Then wash your face with warm water. Just three weeks of using this face pack and you will witness how the blackheads vanish. Let me tell you a small secret that my grandmother told me. Did You know you can actually stop age from showing on your face! Do you want me to tell you how? Contrary to what you might think, I am not referring to anti aging pills. Just crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and add to your regular face mask. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wished you could make those stretch marks vanish? Well, garlic can surely help you with that. The benefits of garlic can be seen on hair too. Yes, it keeps getting better and better! To avoid grey hair, heat some coconut oil and add a few dry black pepper seeds and 3 cloves of garlic.


When it cools apply this oil to your hair. Use this hair oil continuously for a few days and you will be amazed to see how it adds luster to your locks. This could actually go on and on! Let me cut the long story short by just ticking off some of the other vital benefits of garlic. It helps you maintain perfectly shiny nails, controls cholesterol, helps with common cold, ear infection. Wow! So next time, if you think of Garlic and decide to take flight, then just remember that it can work wonders for your health, skin, hair and taste buds. A little smell never did anyone any harm. And if you weigh the benefits of garlic in balance, then the positives will definitely outweigh the negatives if any. I just looove garlic in my food. So, guys if you like this video and find it interesting. Please like and subscribe to Stylecraze.

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