How To Get Clear SKIN, Healthy HAIR & NAILS With Beauty Supplements & Collagen Powders

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    How To Get Clear SKIN, Healthy HAIR & NAILS With Beauty Supplements & Collagen Powders
    We've seen beauty supplements, like vitamins capsules, collagen powders and gummies everywhere! Seems like most skincare brands are coming out with ...


I just realized I’m like talking all about vitamins and I’m dressed like a teacher does it give me credibility hey guys welcome back so sometimes it seems that no matter what we put on our face how we step up a skincare regime how much money we spend on products and we still get breakouts wah so then you have to question if we’re doing everything right from cleansing to turning to serum to moisturizing what else could it be so the answer is from way inside of course a skin is an organ it’s actually the biggest organ in our body and it’s directly and influenced by the food that we consume as well as our daily activities so you’ll notice that if we don’t get enough nutrients from our food or drink enough water then it shows on our skin so today we’re going to dive into some forms of beauty from within basically like vitamin supplements and also collagen powder or even gummy vitamins so on top of that me and I also tried out vitamin supplements for a whole month to see whether there were any effects for us and in particular we tried this one from perfecto this is the skin radiance from within and it’s for skin hair and nails and that’ll be a little bit later on by the end of the video you will know everything about what beauty supplements are the differences between the forms they come in like pills and capsules or powders and even gummies and how things like collagen powder works on your skin and how we can integrate them into our lifestyle but also the ingredients to really look out for when you’re shopping around the ones that are most beneficial for our skin our hair and our nails and subscribe if you haven’t noticed already Beauty supplements are like everywhere so the word supplement is like an umbrella term that covers nutrients vitamins minerals amino acids or even like nutrients that basically help with deficiency in the bodies and helps your body function and that’s that it is in addition to not in place of which means you can’t just stop eating good food and just hope that the supplements will work you still need to maintain a healthy diet drink a lot of water and the supplements are in addition to and if you’re lacking something in your diet or your body then obviously the supplement something you would like to explore so that’s what they are now how do they work so every day our body produces new and fresh skin it helps repair muscles and bones and also heals wounds right but it also converts our food so to do this our bodies need vitamins and nutrients because it’s kind of like fuel in a car you know it needs to like run along it need stuff to keep going vitamins and nutrients are also known as micronutrients because you only need a tiny little bit for the body to keep going which is why sometimes when you look on the back of these like vitamin supplements or collagen you’ll see everything is in these really small percentages it’s like four milligrams or like point five grams if you have like vitamin deficiency they will show up on your skin in terms of color but also texture like it might look really dull or really dehydrated and dry or even for your nails it might break really easily or they turn yellow which is something that I suffer with or even your hair because hair is directly related to things like vitamin E and if you don’t have enough like oils it won’t grow healthily and it won’t be shiny it will just be very prone to breakage so when you take things like supplements and collagen powders these are essentially to fill in the gaps that you might be lacking in your diet and did you know all of these vitamins and nutrients actually interact like best friends so for example vitamin D helps extract the calcium from the food that you eat which passes through our stomach and also vitamin C helps absorb iron if you haven’t seen our previous video I take turmeric powder with black pepper and that’s also kind of the same thing like two separate ingredients actually come together to help each other absorb better into the body because sometimes the body can’t absorb it naturally alright so jumping into our little experiment that me and I have both been doing for the last about three to four weeks which is the recommended time if you are actually going to be trying out more E vitamins because the body needs to kind of adapt and regulate to it and realize that you’re trying to fill in the gaps of whatever the body is missing so for this we puttin it up with perfecto which is the number one UK multivitamin company when during research we wanted like a multivitamin so you don’t have to like grab it vitamin C from one place vitamin D from another place one capsule just kind of encapsulates everything it’s also the number one UK multivitamin brand which was developed by nutritionists and doctors and I think with a lot of these multivitamins you really want to make sure that it’s approved by people like dermatologists and doctors and nutrients because a lot of it is unregulated so we felt pretty safe with trying this one out and then in each pack there’s between 22 to 28 active nutrients which are specifically for improving and supporting the skin the hair and also the nails okay so because I have really thick and coarse hair it can look really frizzy a lot of times it is like just because I have like wavy hair but I don’t know whether that’s normal but also I do have like sometimes cracked nails from like just using excessive nail polishes but I do make sure I use a base coat and try to prevent any discoloration and things like that it will be very interesting to see whether the supplements will be beneficial to me and whether makes any changes so the main problems I wanted to see if this could help with is my nails and also my skin because I think for the most part my hair is fine I stopped dyeing it I stopped doing any kind of like coloring and treatment stuff to it but my nails I always paint them and because they’re always painted they get very weak and they’re also really yellow my nails just never breathe or see the light of day it’s forever covered and they’re really gross thick nasty but then also with my skin because when it comes to like that time of month my skin just gets very rough it’s like all over the place it starts breaking out on the lower portion of my face that was kind of what I hoped these vitamin supplements would help with so let’s check out our experiences I’m gonna do you’re taking the perfect I’ll skin radiance from within so it comes with like basically two sheets of these and two sheets of these and it tells you basically to eat one like main meal and it’s supposed to eat them together all done hey guys so week one of trying these perfectible vitamin capsules so i thought i’d like take it in the morning and i’m just gonna wash it down with some matcha so here it goes it’s already starting to melt in my hands because my hands are so hot let’s do one at a time I’m not used to this okay second attempt it’s been a while since I’ve had to have to take these you know what I mean one more because I feel like not really think that something’s like going down your throat breakfast time I got some omelet it is delicious remember to eat breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day hello gorgeous people’s so it’s been about what maybe the second week honestly can’t really tell the difference yet I don’t really feel any different the only thing I can probably say is that my hair loss has kind of reduced but I could also be like my stress level has reduced a little bit or not at the moment it’s just not like big noticeable difference so I’m not gonna be like oh my god my life has changed but like I said these kind of thing is you got to be consistent you’re gonna be using it for like four to six weeks at least like a month to really be able to see a different thing hey guys okay so it’s the second just like a recap of the first week I didn’t really feel any significant changes in my hair skin or nails I was doing some reading and it did it takes about like three to four weeks to work so for me I think it was like training myself to do this everyday and make it a habit just gonna keep doing that for the second week and here it goes week two in general my hair is pretty healthy but my skin is also going through some tough times like you can see here here here and I had to cover up because we’re filming today so just so you guys know even if you do see that our skin is like a flawless on camera we do still also suffer through and go through the same things that you guys do so yeah that’s why we’re kind of trying these out to actually see if it can help I’m on my second palette so far I think the biggest thing I noticed is definitely the nail so my nails have like hasn’t chipped or split since I’ve started eating it I definitely feel like my nails stronger older my nails do grow really fast so let me parsley now hasn’t really been a concern for me besides the chipping after eating this I do notice that my hair hasn’t been falling out as much I don’t know if it’s like thicker or like longer in any way but definitely the amount of hair that I lose has reduced a little bit as usually want to wash my hair there’s like a lump notice I don’t like a big ball of fluff that’s my hair and I’m just like oh my god I I swear if there’s any more hair that comes out of my head I’m gonna be bald soon luckily I’m not bald yet at the same time I think I still need to keep up with like my nutrients and just food in general that is gonna be healthy for my hair my body everything else you need to make sure you consistently during every day if you skip a day or if you skip a few days then you’re really not gonna get the same results late night thoughts with fell hey guys so just checking in and this is the third week that I’m taking the vitamins I think actually I don’t know is just because like I’m going through like a good skin period or it’s just like you know coincidentally my skin is good but I do definitely feel like it’s cleared but this is I just wanna like men how important or like how sensitive some people can be to food because yesterday we had a pizza party and I had two and a half slices of pizza New York sized pizza oh I had that yesterday and instantly in the morning this guy popped up normally I’ll get them on the chin area when I have like spicy food and dairy as well as oil and I know a lot of people on as sensitive as me so that’s just to say that you can take like as many vitamins and supplements and all these like good things as you want but at the end of the day for some people not all it still comes down to how healthy you’re actually eating so just thought I kind of tell you guys that because I thought it was really interesting about from man I’m actually pretty surprised at how clear my skin is bought from this guy right here as you can see I’m actually not wearing any makeup at all today so just for you to have a look at my skin under the Sun I do have sunscreen obviously because it is boiling hot in sunny Australia and if you have a closer look on my hair so this is like no product for my hair I didn’t put any like shine or treatments as such so that’s just my hair close up it’s quite healthy like it definitely looks a lot fuller and as you can see it’s quite shiny and silky I guess my nails I’ve actually got nothing on them at the moment so the only problem was because I put nail polish on all the time you’ll have like little chips and cracks in them but so far there are not as bad they’re definitely looking more stronger and healthier now just basically an update of what I feel has changed in my skin nails and in hair situation but obviously this will be different on everyone whether it affects you or not it could be a different story just a quick kind of update on what the months been like so my nails are definitely healthier I think of anything I see most impact on my nails it’s hard to tell with my skin because of there’s just so many variables like food hormones and like generally my skin fluctuates a lot so I feel like last week it was really good but then this week I’m kind of going back to like my hormonal breakouts oh I don’t think that taking these multi vitamins and supplements actually help with hormonal acne but it’s not like I took these and my skin was great one month later it was good and then it still went through like struggles stages but it’s not bad and with the hair I think maybe it helped a little with like hair loss but I find hair loss is always more on days that I don’t shower and if I shower every day it’s not as bad so I feel like I’m gonna still keep taking it just out of habit to like improve my daily routine and stuff alright so now I think this is really interesting we all know that vitamins are good and they help our bodies and help our skin but like I personally never really knew what vitamin D helped and if it was better than vitamin B and all that stuff so we broke it down we researched how it actually helps the skin hair and nails and how much you should have this is a popular one of vitamin C otherwise known as el ascorbic acid so we know that you would can put this on topically when you like eat it it’s a little bit different vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps build connective tissue so one of the best parts about vitamin C is it helps producing collagen which then keeps the skin firm and bouncy and youthful and healthy and we’re gonna talk about collagen a little bit later when we talk about the collagen how does and also when you have vitamin C it helps the iron absorb into your body nothing that overboard is good right so if you have too much vitamin C can experience things like vomiting diarrhea heartburn and SAAM Nia headaches and probably a really painful tongue because it’s so acidic and citrusy folic acid now folic acid is also known as vitamin B it maintains the skin’s beauty and smoothness and general health of it basically now folic acid is also responsible for producing red blood cells you’ll find that in a lot of beauty supplements especially when it has to do with your skin but like acid also possesses antioxidant which means it helps your skin fight off free radicals it also fights off dryness it also increases skins retention for hydration as well as moisture at the same time it’s going to be anti-aging next one is vitamin E vitamin E is so good for the skin and you can just buy this in like an oil form and it’s a must-have for skincare vitamin E is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to repair and maintain your skin so it’s glowy if you’re suffering from acne psoriasis or dermatitis or even sunburns vitamin E is really good at restoring your skin back into it’s like healthy most optimum state and you can find vitamin E in things like salmon and other seafood broccoli spinach vegetables and even nuts and seeds and things like hazelnut so vitamin E works best when it’s paired with vitamin C so that’s why you see a lot of creams actually combined the both but also in terms of vitamin supplements as well they work together vitamin E is delivered to the skin by sebum which is the oily secretions produced by the sebaceous gland so vitamin E actually basically uses from your pores and that’s what kind of like keeps it nice and plump so people with oily skin might actually have more vitamin E than people with dry skin biotin so biotin has been popping up a lot of beauty supplements lately in the past have been sold by themselves and has been marketed as a hair growth or an L strengthening protein basically it’s vitamin H you get that from egg yolk salmon and like leafy greens now I personally actually tried biotin not by itself with the hair growth but I’ve actually used the capsules and mixed in with like tille gel to actually lengthen my lashes they didn’t really work so it’s really up to whether your body absorbs it or not biotin is actually produced by your intestinal bacteria so on the research side of vitamin biotin has been known to strengthen nails however there has been some debate regarding their growing up hair identity it’s all about how your body can take it sometimes some people can experience breakout but that could also be the dosage or how often you’re eating it vitamin b2 otherwise known as riboflavin so vitamin b2 is essential for the body for cell growth riboflavin is found in foods like milk meats eggs nuts flour and also green vegetables and vitamin B helps maintain healthy skin hair nails and can help with slowing down things like aging acne and also muscle cramps so the best thing about this one is that you can’t necessarily overdose on it like other vitamins that will actually cause things like diarrhea and nausea and things like that if you have too much so riboflavin is generally okay niacin is a derivative of vitamin b3 it’s known for a variety of benefits it actually helps to be a skin produce elastin and collagen so nice and is gonna help improve the appearance of your skin it will look like you’ve got less wrinkles it has more smooth to get rid of fine lines as well as being anti-aging it can also reduce the appearance of dark circles all right so now moving on to collagen powder this is something that you’ve probably seen everywhere like you know the purple kind of tub or the blue tub I know Rowena is a fan of this what is the deal with collagen powder so collagen is a protein rather than a vitamin and it’s the most abundant form of protein found in our bodies you can kind of think of it as the glue that holds and binds our bodies and our skin together that means the structure of our skin hair and nails as well as the joints and burns are all affected by the collagen production in our bodies so it actually makes up 75% of the skin and in the dermis layer and that’s what collagen is created and it helps keep the skin vibrant and soft and bouncy so when you’re young you have a lot of it which is why you can bounce back from any wounds and stuff and it just looks fine but at around 25 your body starts to produce a little less and apparently your body loses about 1.5 percent of collagen every year so here’s an interesting thing historically before like collagen powders and all the beauty supplements came in for centuries and even now the Chinese have been using donkey skin gelatin to get this collagen in your skin like they would make little bricks of these like food things and eat it because it helped with nourishing the skin it helped with joints it helped with pains and actually the still a really large market for it now and in the u.s.


They’re starting to like import a lot of it I found this recipe and this is how they do it they add things like citrus skin and like all these natural kind of fruits and sweeteners but they also add this donkey gelatin into it as well and have it as like a bar it looks kind of Nast like it’s black in a particular and it was known to be like the Fountain of Youth anyway so back to how collagen actually works to help our skin let’s go into how the body absorbs and how it creates collagen and it all has to do with diet so when we eat protein rich foods the body uses amino acids from the protein to create collagen so to break this down a little can kind of think of protein as a long string of beads where every bead is an amino acid so collagen is made up of three intertwined plc’s kind of like three Springs and these are able to stretch and bounce and this is kind of how your skin works like it can stretch it can bounce back but it still looks good so how does it work on the skin so you might have heard of you know applying creams with collagen in it the dentist verse one has vitamin C and collagen but here’s the thing as I said the collagen appears and potties on the dermis layer right but if you apply it topically the molecules of collagen are way too huge to ever be able to seep deep enough into the skin to actually help the skin so this is one of the biggest like things you should take away if you want to buy collagen powder make sure it’s hydrolyzed collagen because it’s collagen that’s broken down into smaller chains of amino acids for the body to absorb at a quicker rate so there’s much more chance of your body taking this in versus a non hydrolyzed collagen now here’s a really important thing the Sun and collagen so this is why we always say put on sunscreen stay out of the Sun the Sun actually breaks down collagen in your skin much faster you may be buying and investing in sunscreen or even things like retinol which is a form of vitamin A to protect your skin and protect the collagen is actually more beneficial than eating it so last little portion is about gummies you know the little delicious gummy bag and I would just like child them down actually that’s really bad because you can get it but basically gummies and multivitamin pills and capsules are essentially the same thing except for the fact that gummies don’t contain iron because they know that you can easily overdose on it compared to pills and capsules gummies actually have a lot of fructose and sugars and other additives and coloring and things like that which multi vitamin capsules don’t have in terms of pros and cons it just makes it a more enjoyable experience to eat a gummy versus like washing down a capsule don’t think of them as a snack at the end of the day it still is a supplement and it should be taken wisely as well just because it’s in this cheese foam it doesn’t mean that you can just be a child with it okay so that is the video guys I know this was like a pretty steep like chemical ass I hope I didn’t lose a lot of you but I think it’s really important to kind of know everything that you eat how it works what your body is actually doing with the food that you eat whether it’s sufficient enough to give you healthy glowing skin and how healthy going skin actually comes from the food and the vitamins and the nutrients because it’s actually all interrelated and it’s probably something that we don’t tend to think about a lot but you can tell like if you have a lot of water if you’re hydrated if you eat greens I mean we sound like a mother here but definitely your skin is much more vibrant compared to if you’re not getting enough sleep if you have instant ramen you’ll see like your skin is more dull it’s dry and you’re just kind of like playing creams and stuff to kind of aid it but you’re not really helping it from within so we really wanted to highlight beauty from within in this video so if you guys are interested in also trying these multivitamins we highly recommend you try out prospectives ones and you can get them from Walgreens and I think the biggest takeaway is that you shouldn’t just look for these external answers to kind of make up for bad habits so just make sure you’re improving your lifestyle your skincare routine and what you eat and if you want a little bit extra start incorporating those into but as well as retinols and retinoids because that is the time my friends and I am with you on that boat so if you guys have any other questions make sure you leave it below make sure you’ve also subscribed thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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